The OutBound Cow?

Helping You Find a Happy Medium in a Chaotic World

The world is coming apart at the seams, stretched to the breaking point by the extremes of society. Even in our personal lives, we are forced to choose between extremes and absolutes that run counter to our biological predispositions. We are forced into diets that make us sicker, to watch media that make us less informed, and to vote either “left” or “right” in our elections. The digital world may be driven by the binary operations of ones and zeros, but we humans need not be.

Society cannot continue on this path of zealotry extremism. My mission is to help you find balance, success, and a happy medium in this chaotic world. I seek to illustrate that only reason, not extremism, can manage the risks in your life and in society. I give a voice to the reasonable…and help you navigate the middle way toward genuine truth.

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